Parliamentary inquiry opens into the NSW Crimes Amendment (Display of Nazi Symbols) Bill 2021

19 November 2021

The NSW Upper House has referred to the Standing Committee on Social Issues an inquiry into the provisions of the Crimes Amendment (Display of Nazi Symbols) Bill 2021.

The bill was introduced by the Hon Walt Secord MLC, and seeks to prohibit the public display of a symbol of, or associated with, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the Third Reich or NeoNazism (a Nazi symbol), except in certain circumstances.

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Issues, the Hon Peter Poulos MLC, commented: “Having your say is an important part of a committee inquiry. We look forward to receiving feedback from the public on the proposed amendment”.

The committee will hold a hearing on 3 February 2022, and report back to the House on 22 February 2022.

Have your say
Members of the community are welcome to have their say on this bill via the online questionnaire at The closing date for the online questionnaire is 12 January 2022.

For more information about the inquiry, including the committee membership and the terms of reference, see

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